Composting Toilet Program

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Poop is Poetry is an offering that is both movement, educational and product based whether live at LaLa Gardens or virtual by association or as a curriculum. Membership includes roles, investment opportunities, sponsorship, products and services including educational services. 

Inception of this project is as an Installation Project in conjunction with FoCo Permaculture Guild and ongoing associations including, Permatours  

Poop is Poetry Living Document 

Physical on-site involvement: 
Building Boxes and distribution.  Trialing and reporting. (NoCo Permaculture Guild)
Building/Design of actual toilet houses. Prototype. 
Local sponsorship. (Dry Goods for Bokashi interface)
Making Bokashi products. 1. Bokashi 2. Carbon blend using Pittmoss and bio-char rice hulls. 
Content Creation (Van Abbey Visual Arts)
Educational courses:
• Natural Farming fermented clay and IMO techniques to do with Facultative Facultative Anaerobic Bacteria  (Fermented Clay, EM Bokashi and blend)  
• Composting 
• Bio-Char 

Virtual involvement: 
Replication of project with a commitment to data sharing and content creation within a Trade Route model. 
• Recruiting small companies.
• Actual sponsorship as a company (
Educational courses: (Video Series)
• Natural Farming fermented clay and IMO techniques to do with Facultative Anaerobic Bacteria  (FAB)  
• Composting 
• Bio-Char 

Quest List (request for labor):
Role for making Products: Bokashi and Bokashi/Carbon blend for compost toilets. 
Can be virtual:
Role for marketing. 
Role for Sponsorship procurement. 
Role for graphic design. 

Offerings List:
Profit Share according to role and points in the EM Bokashi and EM Bokashi/Carbon Blend. 
Equity Share according to Roles in ongoing product development and/or revenue creation. 





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