Container + Indoor Gardening

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Without a greenhouse, LaLa Gardens has adapted by use and creation of micro zones for prestarts and container gardening to extend the growing season. 15 years as an indoor cannabis cultivator provides seasoned knowledge in lighting, soil, nutrients and ambience (humidity and heat) management. Natural Farming brings a level of competency to do with soil building, water holding capacity of soils and diversity of indigenous microorganisms that enhance plant immune response, fruiting, flavor and nutrient density, while maintaining a price of cultivation close to free. 

Long description (optional): Details of what is offered in terms of knowledge and experience:

  • All things to do with Natural Farming:
    • Full KNF and Jadam curriculum and support whether online or on site (coming soon). 
    • Building soil from what is available.
    • Pest Management through vitality of crops and plants and JADAM methodologies utilizing plants on site.
    • Increased diversity of soil life, insect life and wildlife. 
    • Water holding capacity and carbon sequestration.
    • Plant derived nutrients from what’s available where you are. 
    • How to grow plant starts that are inoculated site specific, healthy and hardened to conditions.
    • Naturalization techniques.
    • Utilizing biochar, bokashi, compost, vermiculture, and cover crops.
    • Companion planting.
    • Indoor/outdoor container cropping. 
    • Grains in pots.
    • Succulents and ground covers.
    • Propagation and seeds. Seed starting, selection and collecting. 
    • Restoration and wildcrafting. 
    • Grow your own medicines; cannabis as an indoor plant and other medicinal plants. (Turmeric, holy basil, ginger, etc.)
    • Biochar production (Gasification) 
    • Indoor insect production (soldier fly and mealworms). 
    • Vermiculture, indoor and outdoor. 
    • Indoor animal (rabbits) and bird habitats. 
    • Animal integration in small holdings. 

Online experiences: 

  • Full streaming access to all projects and curriculums. 
  • Consultation access. 
  • Discounts with curated affiliates. 
  • Affiliate options for regenerative businesses who want to participate. 
  • Curriculum profit share.
  • Product profit share. (castings, biochar, bokashi, LABFABY clay balls, etc)
  • Food share, second tier.

Hands on experiences: 

  • Internships, workshops, affiliate relationships through applicable skill sets. 
  • Sponsorships for regenerative, compatible businesses. 
  • Curriculum profit share.
  • Product profit share. 
  • Food share, first tier. 

Quest list, (request for labor): Worm system: 500.00, Seeds for 2023: 1,000, Indoor animals: Rabbits plus habitat 600.00, Quail plus habitat, 800.00, Indoor insect production: 150.00 Labor: 1,500

Other costs are itemized in the following sections for specific applications and products.

Affiliate skills: vermiculture, natural farming, animal husbandry, breeding, insect farming, gasification technology, seed saving. 

Offerings list (rewards for labor):

Plant and animal shares, seeds, container plants, starter plants, products (biochar, soil, compost, worm castings, soldier fly and mealworm (fresh), compost, eggs, KNF and Jadam products, affiliate discounts. Food and plant shares and sales. Profit share in systems.



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