Goat Soil Building

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Through a unique workflow system at LaLa Gardens, soil building utilizes a combination of Natural Farming technologies of IMO (indigenous microorganism collection and innoculation, deep mulch bedding in the goat habitat, both static and hot composting, vermiculture and biochar production utilizing crop residue and rice hull. 

Long description (optional): 

Online experiences: 

  • Access to online curriculum (available soon) for Jadam and KNF
  • Exclusive products: Bokashi, fermented clay (LABFABY balls), Compost,inoculated  biochar and worm castings. 
  • Scaling beyond garden needs can be a profit share (second tier). 
  • Sponsorship and affilite opportunities for auxiliary companies building soil or components through regenerative systems. (ie: Pitmoss, used in Bokashi blend for compost toilets, etc.)

Hands on experiences: 

  • Internships, consultation and onsite training. 
  • Products created onsite: Bokashi, compost, soil mixes, innoculted biochar.
  • KNF Spa treatments. (rewild and reinoculate your biome) 
  • Access to foods grown in this rich soil through food sharing. 
  • Scaling beyond garden needs of products can be a profit share (first tier). 
  • Curriculum profit share.
  • Community development and waste stream closed loop practices. 
  • Sponsorship and affilite opportunities for auxiliary companies building soil through regenerative systems. 

Quest list, (request for labor):

  • On site consistent labor from internship or onsite gardener. 
  • Marketing. 
  • Technology Research and systems design. 
  • Some upgrades of equipment, including better wheelbarrows. 
  • Outbuildings: Tool shed, pleasure palace, steam/sweat lodge, greenhouses, various insect habitats.

Offerings list (rewards for labor):

  • Food share. 
  • Profit share. 
  • Affiliate and sponsorship opportunities. 
  • Discounts in consultations. 
  • Live streaming access.


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