Inner Atrium Demo Growing Space

Submitted by christina@lala… on Wed, 06/22/2022 - 19:20

The space has first and second story floor to ceiling windows allowing for indoor growing year round. In addition to the house plants and medicinal herbs being grown in this space, there is potential for an integrated aquaponics system allowing for fish, microgreen, strawberry and leafy greens production year round. 

Long description:

Online experiences: 

  • Streaming Educational material and assistance in replication. 
  • Eventual curriculum. (Profit share options)
  • Sponsorship and affiliate options. 
  • Food share subscriptions (second tier and/or curated from affiliates).

Hands on experiences: 

  • Design and Build out.
  • Onsite learning, workshops, demonstrations and internships. 
  • Food share subscriptions (first tier and/or curated affiliate). 
  • Replication support and training. 
  • Access to specific crop and fish selection and planning. 

Quest list, (request for labor): 

13,500 includes:

  • Price estimate: 6,500.00 (new system) plus aux lighting: 4,000, flooring: 500.00, labor and education: 2,500
  • Retrofit from existing inventory: 3,000.00 plus aux lighting 4,000, flooring 500.00, labor and education:  2,500

Offerings list (rewards for labor):

  • Infrastructure cost support: equity share in proceeds generated through membership 40/40/20 structure. 
  • Infrastructure labor support and maintenance: Point structure leading to equity share. First tier food share subscription options. 
  • Specialty crops and fish diversity for maximized yield and profit within a regenerative system.



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