Labfaby Balls

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Fermented Clay and Bokashi balls inoculated with Indiginous Microorganisms cultivated from wild Colorado cultures using natural farming methods. Cultures include a diversity of Facultative, oxygen tolerant microbes, Lactic Acid Bacteria, and Yeast. 

Lab=Lactic Acid Bacteria

These balls work best in a wet environment. Drop them in a reservoir or bury them in a vermiculture or compost collection. You can bury them in your garden bed as well. Check them often to discover what life is in your growing environment. These balls are irresistible to all trophic levels including arthropods, earthworms, isopods, etc. As the clay ball is eaten and dissolves, the minerals and nutrients in the ball become plant available. Balls will vary in fuzziness but this does not indicate effectiveness. Each ball is potent with microbes and mineral rich clay.




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