Natural Farming Curriculum

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A comprehensive curriculum covering basics of Korean Natural Farming, including Jadam and hybrid applications. This curriculum comes from a course taught by Christina Trout and Preston Smith and compiled by Rafe Van Puttet at Pine Ridge, Feather Two in the winter of 2021.

Korean Natural Farming is an elegant technology introducing Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO's) and unique plant-based nutrients into cultivated and damaged ecosystems to restore biodiversity at the same time, providing the plants we grow for food and medicine all they need to thrive. KNF is technology applicable any time and place at relatively no cost. A technology whose time has come in a time of food security and planetary ecosystem challenges. A hopeful message of possibility where practice reveals Nature as a perfect system of BALANCE, where THRIVING is a natural state of BEING, restoring our role as stewards, necessary and helpful.

Suggested Price: 300.00 for six week online course with text and video support/200.00 members). 

Based on the class conducted in Pine Ridge illustrated in this documentary (10 min watch): Listen to the Land Beneath You on Vimeo

Here is the first video of the curriculum series:

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1. History- origins-Lineage of Korean Natural Farming & JADAM Natural Farming

2. IMO- (Indigenous Microorganisms)- the cornerstone of Korean Natural Farming
IMO 1- (Indigenous Microorganisms) - Strategies for good collections
IMO 2- (Indigenous Microorganisms)- preservation & Storage
IMO 3 - (Indigenous Microorganisms)- Culturing IMO 3 on a substrate.
IMO 4-5- (Indigenous Microorganisms)- culturing w/ Native soil and composts
IMO 3 PILES turning & application 

3. LAB- (Lactic Acid Bacteria)- Rice Wash for culturing LABS
LABS stain off

4. Regenerative farming Umbrella, Microbiome, Nutritive Cycle Theory

5. FPJ & FFJ- (Fermented Plant Juice/ Fermented Fruit Juice), FPJ Vinegars
FPJ filtering

6. FAA- (Fish Amino Acids)

7. OHN- STEP 1
OHN STEP 2- Oriental Herbal Nutrient
OHN-(Oriental Herbal Nutrient) step 3 ADD VINEGAR

1. JMS (Jadam Microbial Solution) inoculant teas
2. JLF (JADAM liquid fertilizer)


Treatment types and application

5. Soil building strategies application of JMS (JADAM microbial Solution) & FMS
(Fermented Sea Water)

6. WCA- (Water soluble Calcium)

7. WCP- (Water soluble Calcium Phosphate)

8. WSK- (Water Soluble Potassium)

Included: PDF Step by step, PDF Materials List, and PDF Anacronyms List

Other Natural Farming Educational Options: 
Physical on-site involvement (Beyond the virtual course offering): 
Live teaching events are 7-10 day immersive stays at LaLa Gardens or a Trade Route Natural Farming affiliate.
Hands-on also could include 3 month internships specific to Natural Farming technologies practiced on-site including:

Quest List (request for labor): 
Marketing role
Future curriculum development roles and concurrent offerings in boarding / affiliate
Onsite NF gardener. 





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